Digger's Vintage 2010

G’day everybody,

Walking around in circles in the cellar after another hard day and a hard night’s work.

The weather in the Barossa this year has been sensational which makes working conditions very pleasant and the view outside of my winery beautiful. Such ideal weather conditions also makes fantastic fruit.

Cool nights means reasonably slow ripening of the grapes so we can pick them promptly when they are ready to go. This is the second stage of good winemaking practice - the first of course being growing good fruit. This steady intake of fruit ensures that we have the space and the time in the winery to do everything accurately and when it needs to be done. Still somehow, we don’t get a lot of sleep!

So far 2010 is shaping up to be one of our better vintages in a long time “touch wood”. We are lucky in the Barossa because we don’t have many difficult vintages like some other regions have to endure. When “Mother Nature” shows a little bit of her nasty side we normally don’t suffer the total loss. A small winery capable of 50 tonne but only processing 25 allows me the flexibility in tank space, manpower and time to create good wine in a difficult situation. So you can only imagine that in such an accommodating season we will have something magnificent from the 2010 vintage.

We are just over the peak of our intake this year so everything will start to camber off as Autumn progresses. It is truly a beautiful time of the year in the Barossa climactically, visually and along with the buzz in the air as vintage begins to draw to a close. I would urge anyone that wants to have a good look at what goes on to visit in the next 2 –3 weeks. With vintage slowing down for us now I have time to show you first hand some genuine “old school” winemaking. I also have a group of very good friends that have similar passion and ideals but with their own unique style. And after all, different style is what makes drinking wine such a good experience. I would love for you to visit me and I could possibly arrange appointments with my friends David Lehmann (David Franz Wines), Shawn Kalleske (Laughing Jack), Marco Cirillo (Cirillo Estate), Christian Canute & Ben “Chippy” Chipman (Rusden Wines) and more. We have a bit of a BBQ out at my place, so after your day’s tasting I would be more than happy for you to finish your day here tasting my wine over a feed while watching the sun go down across surrounding vineyard from my humble workplace.

Best of Wishes

Tim & Suki


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