All Wrapped Up - Digger’s Vintage 2008

Well I guess it will not come to you as a surprise when I say the theme this year is HOT, HOT, HOT.

This can be a good thing or bad. I see it as a point where style is tested by the ability to take concept and endure the logistical barriers to still make wine as you would like.

When I started Diggers’ my Dad said there is one important thing to remember; “If you plan to make 60 tonne a year, build a 100 tonne winery and run it 60% full”. In this extreme year, this advice has proven in-valuable. We were able to pick and process our wine in 3-4 weeks when in a cooler climate we would take 8-10 weeks and still had no real pressure on our chilling due to fermentation being done in a temperature controlled environment.

We did have one down fall this year though. Our G10 Zambelli Press blew a seal early in the season and after much effort, we realised that we could not find parts or a repairer who would deal with such a menial task. Fortunately Dad came along and said he had an old press in the back shed. We discarded the 1960’s technology and went back to a press designed in the 1800’s. She was the original press from Rovalley Wines of Rowland Flat now restored. She served the old boys well and is the best press I have ever had the pleasure of using.

I must say that I do not like to judge wine this early in the year, but I do not see anything to say it was a bad year for us. We have a new website, check out the Blog, you can see the “New Old Press” and some other antics that were reviled through the vintage madness.

Cheers Tim

Ah, perhaps it will work if I just put something in it……

Mate; it goes like this!


Gee – absolutely awesome.


Original Rovalley Press

Here Tis; The “New Old Press” has arrived.

Why won’t that fit??

Confusion reigns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you sure it’s the right way up?

Would you trust this man? I can assure you, he is a professional.

If I just stand on it awhile…

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