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THE CALGARY HERALD - August 2010     > Download Article (PDF)
Diggers Bluff produces a small range of handmade wines from the Barossa Valley, most of which are of high quality and relatively well-priced. This is rich, full-bodied Cabernet showing notes of cassis and mocha with hints of minerals and a nice amount of new wood.

2010 EROMANGA DINOSAUR DIG      > Download Article (PDF)
Outback Gondwana Foundation gratefully acknowledges the contribution towards 2010 Eromanga Dinosaur Dig by Diggers Bluff Wines. Thank you for your boutique wines which were thoroughly enjoyed.

Timothy O,Callaghan explains that his family crest is an Irish hound standing under an oak tree; the Diggers Bluff label features his faithful hound Digger, under a Mallee tree. He is a third-generation O'Callaghan winemaker, and – reading his newsletter – it's not too hard to guess who the second generation is represented by.

WBM - August 2009      > Download Article (PDF)
And that search found the man who has spent all his life among bush vines and has worked in some of the oldest vineyards on the planet – Tim O'Callaghan, a fourth generation grapegrower from the Barossa Valley whose family own Rockford.

BAROSSA WINE TRAVELLER - 2009      > Download Article (PDF)
Diggers Bluff is named after Tim O'Callaghan's dog, Digger, and the windy bluff on which they live overlooking Seppeltsfield.

BAROSSA LIVING - June 2009      > Download Article (PDF)
The 1918 Bistro Top Five - 2003 Diggers Bluff Watch Dog Cabernet Shiraz.

SUNDAY MAGAZINE - September 2008      > Download Article (PDF)
Designed by Tim as the perfect barbecue wine, Diggers Bluff Stray Dog Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2005 must have surprised even him. While it’s easy drinking, it’s also a great introduction to the Barossa big guns: shiraz and grenache.

4 Stars. “Timothy explains that his family crest is an Irish Hound standing under an oak tree; the Diggers Bluff label features his faithful hound Digger, under a Mallee tree. He is a third-generation winemaker...

SUMPTUOUS - January 2008      > Download Article (PDF)
“Diggers Bluff Stray Dog" 2005
If you're after a red instead, you can shift over to the meatier red Rhone blend. Stray Dog featuring refined, lineal fruit with enough spice to back the succulent pork...

WBM - September 2007     > Download Article (PDF)
“The story takes less than a minute to tell, is easily remembered , full of character, very Australian and is easily represented visually on a label, a fact not lost on Tim.
"I just got back from Singapore and everyone loved the story. People get sick of the technical jargon and probably forget it straight away...

WINEWISE - August 2007     > Download Article (PDF)
“Diggers Bluff Watch Dog" Cabernet Shiraz 2001
SILVER - Recommended

INDEPENDENT WEEKLY - 2007     > Download Article (PDF)
"Diggers Bluff Stray Dog" 2004
93 points. Bow wow...The wine still reminds me of old things , like the '60s and early '70s Ch. Reynella grenache mataro shiraz blends I drank in Paulo's Tanunda Pub in the '80s...

QANTAS - November 2006      > Download Article (PDF)
“The O'Callaghan brothers of Diggers Bluff also aim for elegance. Their name has a resonance in the Barossa Valley - Tim and Travis are fourth-generation winemakers. "All those days of being naughty when we were younger, sneaking in and nicking Dad's wines, are paying off in what we're now making, " Travis says...

MEN'S STYLE - 2006     > Download Article (PDF)
“Diggers Bluff The Watchdog” 2001
This blend of cabernet and shiraz is so old-fashioned it might have slipped through a tear in time. Tim O'Callaghan has an almost religious devotion to old winemaking methods, doing everything by hand...

IN THE VINEYARD - 2006      > Download Article (PDF)
“Each and every vine is examined and treated individually and the whole process results in exceptional quality fruit. "We look at each vine rather than applying the same treatment to the whole block to ensure we are getting quality across the entire vineyard,"says Tim...

CLOUDWINE - June 2006      > Link to article
“This is it! The new O'Callaghan generation has arrived! One of the most sought after wines in Australia is Rockford's basket press and the winemaker is Robert O'Callaghan and now his son, Tim O'Callaghan has arrived and making supreme wines. Now, Tim is only a youngster, but check out his experience....he has done time at Tyrrells, Yulumba, 3 vintages at Peter Lehmann, another 3 at Krondorf then, under the father & son rule, helped out at Rockford for 2 years.

SURF4WINE - 2006     > Link to article
“A small partnership between Robert O'Callaghans two sons - Travis & Tim - who have been given access to a small vineyard of old vine Shiraz. The vines are attended to by Tim, and the wines then made by him at their Marananga winery. The wine is aged until the two brothers feel that it is ready to drink. Only 50 cases are allocated to the UK.”

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